An Ansible Adventure: Using the Python API to list unmanaged packages

A walkthrough of how I used the Ansible Python API to create a script which executes any playbook and reports the apt packages that it does NOT install (i.e unmanaged packages), but are installed on the system. This is useful for auditing systems where packages should only be installed automatically by ansible

Traffic Shaping Processes in Linux

How to control the behaviour of network traffic from a process, using throttling and rate limiting with tc and cgroups in linux

Understanding Python Decorators

We look at how python decorators work using an example from the python decorator library - one which retries function execution on failure.

Kerberos: A Practical Overview of Principals and Keytabs

Kerberos is a commonly used authentication protocol in a unix / linux environment. This article attempts to provide a practical overview of the concepts and commands for dealing with keytabs, principals and realms. We discuss the MIT implementation in the context of Redhat IdM / FreeIPA, as well as familiar utilities such as kadmin.

Openstack Neutron: L2 Networking In Depth

We discuss Openstack networking in detail, including topics such as port binding, vif plugging, and the ml2 plugin. We also look at how L2 networking works in detail, inspecting some opensource code and providing an overview of technologies such as openvswitch and libvirt. We step through what happens when you create a new instance, including the provisioning of the network.

Setup an Openstack Project (with Dedicated Physical Hosts)

Redhat Openstack provides the option of creating projects to isolate users and virtualised environments. This article describes the process of restricting a set of physical hosts to be used ad dedicated hypervisors for a single project.

Getting Found on Google

This article discusses some simple techniques to help google index your website, and display it in google search results. We discuss rich content such as JSON-LD, picking a domain, meta tags and linking.